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Cyclestreets.net is a brilliant little website for bicyclists. Just enter where you are and where you want to go and it will take you a proper cyclists route, tell you the distance, how quiet or otherwiseit will be and how many calories you will burn completing it.
This is extraordinary. You can actually choose a route to avoid unnecessary hills. Excellent for the part-time cyclist!

Bicycle Shops or Bicycle Accessories Outlets or Cycle Repairers


Staines Rd, Hounslow TW3 3HY, UK – 020 8577 8217

I have recently been here to install my headlights. The shop, availability of staff and the knowledgeability of their staff is excellent. I didn't have to pre book in during a busy Sunday afternoon. There was this person called Raj, did an excellent job in fitting my left headlight bulb. He is undeniably very talented and passionate about what he is doing. He is a star to Halfords. I wish him all the best and for the entire staff at Halfords Hounslow. Thank you.

They repaired the tires on my bike, bit expensive but they help me not too bad 👌

Cycle Hire

Merry Pedaller Bike Tours

14 Warren Rd, Twickenham TW2 7DL, UK – 020 8893 3508

What a wonderful day! 😊 Ginette certainly knows how to put together a tour, make her guests feel welcome and inject a bit of history. We were able to organise their Hampton Court Palace Tour for four on quite short notice and it met or exceeded all expectations.

We had a simply marvellous morning cycling along the Thames from Shepperton to Staines watching first day of the stately procession of the Swan Uppers, dressed in formal attire in their six skiffs and accompanying motor launches, as they row down the Thames to mark the new cygnets. The Swan Uppers finish five days later in Abingdon, Oxon. For background - All the swans on the Thames belong to the Queen or The Vinters’ or the Dyers’ livery companies. Once a year in July their representatives go down the Thames. The Queen’s representative, dressed in a scarlet coat and with a swan quill in his hat, is called The Royal Swan Marker. He and the Vinters’ and Dyers’ get each cygnet out of the water, ring it (once they’ve decided which of them the new cygnet will belong to) and checks its health. This is surely one of the best free shows in town and I’ve been wanting to see it for years. Originally I was going to follow the Swan Uppers on a boat but as dates clashed I found Merry Pedallers and I’m very glad I did. Following by bike you get to see so much more. When a brood of swans is spotted (the name for the swans and their cygnets), the skiffs herd them to shore and act as a corral. The birds are all taken out of the water and lifted onto ground. Standing on the riverbank as we were, you are absolutely in the thick of the action, feet and at times inches from the swans – whereas in a boat you would be bobbing in the middle of the river not getting any close up action. Ginette of Merry Pedallers was an excellent guide – knowledgeable, upbeat and enthusiastic. She met us a Shepperton station, adjusted her comfy bikes to our heights ,which had a bottle of water, and off we set. Throughout the morning she explained what was going on and because she was an expert was able to take us to the best viewing spots ahead of the crowds – although to be honest I was struck by how few people there were – thank heavens. Perhaps as the week progresses and the Swan Uppers reach the honey pots of Windsor, Marlow, Henley, Maidenhead etc the crowds are bigger. Ginette had bread to feed the swans – this is very, very important if a) they are on the opposite side of the river from you and you want to tempt them over and b) to keep them with you until the Swan Uppers arrive as you want to see the swans lifted and marked in front of you – not on the opposite bank. We saw the Thames as its best on a sunny day with blue skies and as well as the swans got a good look at the miles of expensive homes and flats overlooking the Thames.

Bicycling Safety Video

Lots of little tips you might not have thought of - from Ireland.